Since She Went Away by David Bell

I am a huge David Bell fan.  I accidently stumbled across Cemetery Girl in the library a few years back while looking for a specific book, and in the place where that book belonged was one by David Bell – an author I had never heard of.  I was instantly drawn to its cover, read the back, and ended up borrowing it – forgetting the book I intended to borrow completely.  I went home and devoured it. I loved it, raved about it, looked up his other books, and have been hooked on his books ever since.  Since She Went Away was no different.  I stayed up late and woke up early to get a few extra chapters in.   A perfect summer read!  I have since bought two copies to push on friends.  It is that good!

Somebody I Used to Know is also a great book by David Bell – definitely, one of my favorite 2015 reads.  My suggestion to you is to buy both and binge on some David Bell – you will not be sorry!  Highly recommend!

Read 5/26/16-5/28/16

4.5 bright and shiny stars


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